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The joining wang

conditions and requirements

a), franchise operators license conditions:
1, legitimate local industrial and commercial registration procedures (business license) or independently bear civil liability of the natural person WholeSalers.;
2, its business scale operating funds;
3, the appropriate operating site, which is dedicated to lighting stores in Mong area comply with the following standards:
Flagship store: the shop area of ??120 square meters;
A type stores: 90 to 120 square meters of shop area;
B-type stores: 60 to 90 square meters of shop area;
C-type shop shop area: 60 m2;
4 brand lighting products and their sales promotion the corresponding understanding and awareness of, agree the Wang to Lighting business philosophy and corporate culture.
5, actively involved in awareness and desire for cooperation, ahead of the ability of the business philosophy and management shops, good social relations and project channels;
6, there is a certain degree of risk tolerance.
2), and franchise stores basic requirements
1, a unified storefront renovation and brand image, uniform products, jewelry, and overall layout display;
2, identity and to actively support unified marketing strategy with the Wanglai company;

Wang Lighting wang to the company in order to vigorously expand the development of secondary and tertiary markets, from January 1, 2006, new signing dealers to cancel the initial fee, deposit and other fees charged store support, service policies remain unchanged.

joining policy and support

1, the decoration support new store openings: Store image renovation program to provide a unified national image, store design fees and renovation costs by franchisees paid in advance to achieve the required sales targets through the annual appraisal company in sales the good with franchisees strategy repay the whole design costs.
2, price protection policy: the national unity of the ex-factory price, unified market retail price.
, District protection support: large and medium-sized cities allowed only two to three agents to open two to three stores and the division of the region-wide, or only foster a greater strength dealer opened 2 to three stores, a small city to open a store.
Image support: POP posters, theme image printing, publicity pictures and product catalog.
Wang to shop, business services support: guidance dealer arranged showcase, sample lamps hung best to arrange factory trained store Purchasing Guide to provide training materials ('Wang Purchasing Guide to Manual' Management Manual, 'Wang to Technical Manual'.
6, sales and service support to explore and share successful sales model: with dealers all over, and actively open up new sales channels; every two months to send Commissioner inspections are carried out on the franchise, and implementation of sales promotion, and through effective after-sales service to relieve the worries of the franchisee.
Promotional support: the promotion of the holiday sales season, sales season, POP posters, X banner stand printing, promotional gifts, promotional materials.
8, the support of the new product: the factory headquarters every month to provide at least two to three series of new products for dealers choose sales Wang to store vitality resident always attract decoration designers patronize selection.
9, the support of the product inventory: the factory headquarters of most of the best-selling products to do the right amount of inventory, and try to ensure that dealers will be able to ship orders the same day the day to meet customer short delivery time requirements.

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